Stride for Seniors Charity Walk

Ambleside Amblers

Thanks for being part of our team! Here are the rules for Brianna's Ambleside Amblers during our Stride for Seniors Walk benefitting Meals On Wheels People:

-We have fun

-We wear pink

-We represent Gresham in a positive way

-Mostly, we do whatever we can to raise funds and awareness for Meals On Wheels People in East County!

Why do we fundraise, volunteer, support and work for Ambleside Meals On Wheels People? 

Because Meals On Wheels People is about SO much more than food.
Meals On Wheels is about the lady who asked me if we know of anyone she can pay just to sit with her, because she is that lonely.
It's about the client who sits in our dining room all day because at 70+ the shelter atmosphere scares him and that's the only other option he has right now.
It's about the multiple clients whose lives have been saved because a volunteer or employee called for a well check.
It's real, and it isn't just about the meat loaf.  

Please join us by walking, fundraising, donating or sharing! Want to know more about why I do what I do?  Visit my personal page to learn more about the road that led me to Meals On Wheels People and share your own story!


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