Stride for Seniors 2019

East Portland Rotary


Good morning members and friends of East Portland Rotary Club. 

East Portland Rotary has had a long history of delivering meals through the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Meals on Wheels.  On a weekly basis we meet and interact with the women and men who need our help.  It is a personal connection and we deliver to many of the same people week after week over years.  We devote our time for these people and this organization on a weekly basis. Today i am asking for some of you treasure.  I would love to have your walk with me.  More importantly, i want your financial support.  Please donate where indicated below.  Come and walk if you can; more importantly, please donate and support these people.

Support the Stride for Seniors Charity Walk for Meals on Wheels People! Help us raise awareness and funds to prevent hunger and social isolation in the senior community.

We create and deliver 1.3 million nutritious meals every year throughout the greater Portland-Vancouver metro area with no waiting list. That's 1.3 million moments of human connection and essential service to those who need it most.

We need you:

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On behalf of Worth Caldwell, our mentor, Tony Leineweber, the idea guy, East Portland Rotary and myself, Ronald Atwood, the wine guy, please help.  We need you. Thank you!


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